Nutraceuticals are a term used to describe any product derived from food sources that contain additional health benefits over and above nutritional value found in foods.  They promote well-being, control symptoms and prevent malignant processes.

The term combines the words “nutrient” and “pharmaceutical”.

The dispensary; staffed by a qualified pharmacist; integrates both allopathic and alternative medicine modalities. 

Conventional prescriptions as well as compounded medication are dispensed. 

Compounded products offer a unique, personalised medication protocol in dosage forms and strengths that are not commonly available.

All the elements discussed in the consultation/s are integrated into the drug therapy programme and form part of the patient’s total wellness plan. 

Nutraceuticals compliment the holistic, prevention-based approach to patient care. 

The compounding of bioidentical hormone replacement allows the doctor to tailor-make treatment for the patient’s specific needs based on blood tests. 

Drugs and medications only alleviate symptoms and manage disease, mostly by reducing risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  Prevention and adherence to the treatment plan mitigate risk factors.  In line with this, the goal is to give patients access to preventative measures, ensuring investment in their own health and an improved health outcome.  This relates directly to “value in health care”.  The patient is therefore staying healthy and not just getting well.

List of suppliers:

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  • Metagenics/Amipro
  • Xymogen
  • Fagron South Africa
  • The Real Thing Food Supplement
  • Medford
  • Panaxea/Wings Herbal Synergy
  • Biodosa
  • Compounding Pharmacy of South Africa
  • Genop Health
  • Filorga
  • Skinceuticals